My adventure to Oz: When did I become a hoarder?

So, packing, not exactly my favorite thing…

Moving to another country involves me packing.  I believe that only K– M. can truly understand and appreciate the horrors of what this means.  Packing to go anywhere — even for just a weekend — is a long and difficult process.  Not that I actually pack in advance.  I generally just talk about packing for about a week, mostly about how much I hate it and the fact that I don’t want to do it.  Then just before I need to pack I freak out, stay up late, and just in the nick of time I finish before I walk out the door [or the leaving time is adjusted to allow for me to pack].  It is an arduous process, as one can imagine.

So, like I said, moving to another country involves me packing.  The process of packing was initiated when A– K. visited in early December and had to help me make decisions about what stays and what gets to come along.  These are difficult decisions.  A– was pretty tough on me (I might add) – throwing things away and moving my beloved possessions so efficiently into the “not going” pile. It was incredibly stressful to think that my wardrobe of well worn (and well loved) athletic gear was not going to come with me, at least not in full.  I was also expected to make decisions on scarves (all academics/Bostonian women can appreciate this sentiment), socks, and shoes!  Shoes!!  They need to come with me!

With all of these decisions to leave nearly everything behind, I have started to panic about all the things that I will no longer have access to (or that I have access to at a MUCH higher cost) – the hair gel I use, livingproof, doesn’t exist yet in Oz, medications and a prescription plan, perfume and make-up, professional attire (Banana Republic does not deliver to Oz), sneakers, and etc.  So, I have started hoarding and making endless purchases that make little to no sense.  I even bought NEW bed-sheets and pillow!  [This is particularly mind blowing to A– since she initially told me that I was NOT taking my bedding.]

With all of this said, have I actually started packing?? — and the answer is … YES!  Incredible!  Nearly everything I own is boxed (except for clothing), my room is rented, the cats are nearly prepped for the upcoming change from Mommy to K– M.  Have I started putting anything in suitcases?  Absolutely not!  A– K., K– M., V–P., and Mom will have those jobs — I mean, you can’t really expect that I would do that on my own!