2018 Mentors

  1. Sarah Andrews
  2. Regina Au
  3. Brenda Loan Baker
  4. Samira Farboodmanesh
  5. Amy Rebecca Gay
  6. Nathalie Goletiani
  7. Miriam Margala
  8. Uma Ellur Staehler
  9. Susu Wong

Past Event Speakers

  1. Laura Appleton, Senior Consultant at International Planning and Research Corporation
  2. Regina Au, MBA, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Principal at BioMarketing Insights
  3. Pradeep Aradhya, PhD, CEO of NLMobile
  4. Lauren Celano, MBA, Founder & CEO of Propel Careers
  5. Insa Cespedes Elliott, MBA, Founder of Market2dayapp.com
  6. Julie Chen, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell
  7. Yu Chen, MBA, Director of Business Development at SAI Life Sciences
  8. Kristen Lee Costa, EdD, LICSW, professor of Behavioral Science and a Doctor of Education faculty at Northeastern University
  9. Megan Cooney, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley
  10. Sarah Cardozo Duncan, Owner of Career Strategist
  11. Deb Elbaum, MD, CPCC, ACC, certified career and life coach, author, and speaker
  12. Manijeh Goldberg, MBA, CEO of Privo Technologies
  13. Nathalie Goletiani, MD, Clinical Neuroscientist at McLean Hospital and faculty at Harvard Medical School
  14. Michele Haynes, PhD., Professor of University of Massachusetts Lowell
  15. Robin Hamilton, MS, Founder & Principal at Boston Business Operations Group LLC
  16. Tammy Heesakker, MBA, Business Strategy & Licensing Manager at Partners HealthCare
  17. Melissa Hunter-Ensor, PhD, Patent Attorney at Edwards Wildman
  18. Sally Jablon, MBA, Founder and CEO of Sally Silver Companies and UUNow
  19. Joanne Kamens, PhD, Executive Director at Addgene
  20. Marianna Kantor, MBA, Web & Product Marketing Expert at PTC
  21. Rajia Abdelaziz, Brittany Decker, Marcelle Durrenberger, Anne Faber, Erin Graceffa, Cassie Hailson, and Amy Tibbetts – November, 2015 Women in STEM panelists
  22. Catherine Kuo, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University
  23. Diane Pacuk, Senior Vice President and Assistant Complex Manager at Morgan Stanley
  24. Karen Panetta, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Education at Tufts University, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the Director of the Simulation Research Laboratory
  25. David Proia, PhD, Director of Oncology Drug Discovery at Synta Pharmaceuticals
  26. Paula Rayman, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at University of Massachusetts Lowel
  27. Colleen Suchecki, Peak Performance Coach
  28. Tina Stiles, MBA, Director of Corporate QA Training at Takeda
  29. Frances Toneguzzo, PhD, Executive Vice President at Conkwest, Inc.
  30. Marian Walsh, JD, public leader and author
  31. Michele Whitham, JD and Entrepreneur
  32. Rajia Abdelaziz,  Co-Founder of Invisawear, Anita Autry, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Tammy Heesakker, Principal at Tyche Innovation LLC, Shila Mekhoubad, Ph.D. Scientist at Biogen. Cherie Ramirez, Ph.D,  Researcher, Scientist, & Educator at Simmons College, Brandy Houser, Site Head -New York & New Jersey at Celdara Medical (March 2017 Panelists and Moderator)
  33. Brenda Loan Baker, Executive & Entrepreneurial Coach of innerOvation, LLC.
  34. Amy Rebecca Gay, Mediator, Coach and Consultant
  35. Deb Elbaum, MD, CPCC, CNTC, Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker
  36. Rachel Rice, MBA, EEM-CP,  Executive coach, and energy medicine and energy psychology practitioner.
  37. Tamar Newberger, Diplomatic Spouse, Technologist, Computer Scientist, Activist
  38. Sean Driscoll, Principal, and Founder of BBsquared (a/k/a Breaking Barriers X Building Bridges)
  39. Su Joun, Principal of [email protected] Consulting Group, LLC
  40. Susu Wong, Principal of Tomo360 and Co-Founder of Women Accelerators
  41. Pamela Garramone M.Ed., Positive Psychology Speaker, Life Coach, and Founder of Thrive Now Boston.
  42. Melody Wilding, Executive Coach & Peak Performance Coach,  Human Behavior Faculty
  43. Etta Jacobs, Founder, Executive & Career Transition Coaching, Hermes|path
  44. Kim Meninger, Executive and Leadership Development Coach
  45. Elaine Blais, Life coach, Happiness Warrior, Positivity Practitioner, Writer, and Speaker
  46. Ngan Nyugen,  Founder of Cintamani Group, Coach and Speaker

Women Accelerators is always looking for high achieving women to share their knowledge and advice with our members. Please email us at info @ delafemme.org if you would be interested in a speaking opportunity.