Women Accelerators Statement:

At Women Accelerators, we strongly believe in supporting justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion, and denouncing racism. We will not condone any form of discrimination in any of our events, programs, or our communications via social media and email marketing. While our organization’s primary mission is to provide the tools needed to engage, empower, and elevate women in the workforce, we also firmly stand together in our belief that systemic racism needs to stop.

We pledge to:

    • We pledge to engage with an organization(s) that work with minority women in a concrete way bringing these women the tools they need to succeed and accelerate their careers 
    • We pledge to actively recruit and increase diversity within our volunteer and leadership team, as well as our speakers
    • We pledge to support Black women-owned businesses, specifically with order catering from black-owned businesses (list of catering companies)
    • We commit to having an annual women’s panel about diversity and inclusion in the workspace, with an eye on the issue of the lack of diversity in the STEM field and employers
    • We commit to both following and engaging with black-owned businesses, allies, and diversity advocates on social media (list of accounts we follow)
    • We pledge to send out an annual survey to hear from our members on what we could be doing better, what resources may be more widely available, and to give our members a voice
    • We pledge to update our resources list monthly to ensure we are giving the most up to date news and resources to our community
    • This is not a short term solution, this is a long term commitment; Therefore, we pledge to report data on our progress and our annual survey through an annual newsletter. We strongly encourage our members to sign up to our newsletter here.

*This site will be updated continuously in response to the ideas and insights of activists, organizers, and concerned citizens nationwide. Click here to propose further resources to add to our site!


Women Accelerators calls for participation of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement of our members; Here are some highlighted ways you can continue to engage, learn, and make a difference! For a full list of resources click here.

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