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Volunteering for Women Accelerators

We’re looking for highly motivated individuals to help build the connection between Women Accelerators and the world. Women Accelerators is a non-profit organization located in Boston focused on giving women the tools they need to succeed.

As a member on the volunteer team you will be instrumental in bringing women the tools they need to succeed! We are looking for a creative individual who is not afraid of reaching out to their network and beyond for potential speakers/ collaborators, is willing to work with a team of like-minded women, and is ready to make a difference in our community! As a member of our team, you may be responsible for booking events in the Boston area, providing content for our communications and social media, reaching out to speakers and collaborators in the Boston area, being instrumental in bringing women resources through our mentoring and ambassador programs. Together we will engage, empower, and elevate!

We are looking to build out our volunteer team in the following areas: communications, events, mentoring program committee, and fundraising committee.

Volunteers are expected to work 1-3 hours a week on their tasks, are open to communicate on our platform (basecamp) and are able to attend a once a month team meeting.

We have the following volunteer openings:

Program Coordinators: help organize our events and venues, speaker programs, sponsorship, and networking events.

• Membership/Development Coordinators: help grow our membership base and fundraising programs.

• Marketing Communications Coordinators: help communicate to our membership base via social media and email campaigns.

• Volunteers Coordinator: help with volunteers’ recruitment and communications.

Bloggers: writers for various women career-focused topics.

*If you are interested in volunteering in either the Cambridge or Lowell team, please fill out the form on our Contact us page.*