Women Accelerators’ Peer Mentoring Circles

Women Accelerators’ peer mentoring program helps cultivate professional relationships and facilitate career growth. Peer Mentoring Circles are small groups that meet regularly for peer mentorship, skill building, and inspiration. By sharing experiences and insights with their peers, mentoring circle participants can work together to advance their careers, understand the issues, and advise each other.

In this pilot program, Women Accelerators provides resources and opportunities to the participants of the peer circles to cultivate their professional relationships and bring value to their mentoring experience. The discussion topics will be determined and agreed upon by the participants of each circle. The topics could range from career advancements, personal branding, and salary negotiation to job searching.


Help support women enhance their skills through the Women Accelerators mentoring program as they work to thrive in the Post-COVID world. The program will meet monthly from July 17 to December 31, 2023. For questions, contact [email protected] or check out this video on what is Peer Mentoring Circle below. Register Now button

This program is generously supported by the Women Working Wonders Fund.