My adventure to Oz: Goodbyes are sad.

“Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” – Dalai Lama

Last night, as I was having dinner with my adopted Boston family I couldn’t help but love the familiarity of it all.  The greetings, the people, the conversation, the food, and how everything was organized.  Truly, it felt like home.  A home and a life that I have participated in for several years now.  It is strange to think how this will all go away – and then I became sad.

This was followed by walking into my own apartment and knowing that I have little time left to know that sense of “home” that I have spent years creating in Boston.  I first moved into my current apartment several years ago — when it was really hot.  I had several boys help me move, two of whom I will be reunited with in Oz (which is kind of a magical thought).   Anyway, as I climbed up the two flights of spiraled stairs and opened the door to Annie and Percy (my kitties) and K– M. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad.  Sad because my life that I have created, that I love so much, I will be leaving in less than two weeks.  Sad that all this sense of family and familiarity will be swapped for adventure and the new.

I reflected on these feelings for probably longer than I should have considering that it resulted in less sleep than I actually need.  Although I am very sad about leaving, it is because of my desire to know and to change that I will go.  This life will not be left behind in the way that a child discards a toy as they grow-up, but this life will be carried with me.  It will be hard to maintain relationships 10,000 miles away and  with significantly different time zones, BUT, I will build new relationships and I will work hard to stay in touch and to be adaptable to change and a new way of life.

I feel incredibly lucky to be given the chance to try a new life in a different country.  My success is not measured by whether or not I get a job or make super best friends, but by showing up to the starting line — by taking the leap of faith and getting on the plane.  And, I could never do any of this without tremendous support by my friends and family.  My growth will be my measure of success and my success cannot come without sacrifice.  So, although it will be sad to say good-bye (repeatedly), it is a necessary step for change and therefore growth.