Susu Wong, Co-Founder

Susu Wong, MBASW17_0217_4x6web:  Susu is the co-founder (along with Sze and Brandy) of Women Accelerators (fka de la Femme) and also the founder of Tomo360, a digital marketing company focusing on helping small- to medium-sized businesses to promote their business. She is also an adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a speaker for local business workshops.

She is passionate about helping women to succeed in business, the boardroom or wherever their career paths lead them.  Before starting Tomo360, she has worked in a variety of fields, including Fortune 500, healthcare, universities, and technology transfer.

Susu received her MBA with a focus in Management in Information Technology from Lesley University and a Bachelor of Arts from Magdalen College. She loves the great outdoors and enjoys participating in triathlons, snowboarding, swimming, and biking.  She is also a foodie that loves to explore different ethnic food.

Executive Team:

Gianna Iantosca, President

Gianna Iantosca is a Research Associate II at Jnana Therapeutics working on drug discovery and characterization of novel therapeutic targets. She received her bachelors from Emmanuel College with a distinction in the field of biology and a concentration in biochemistry. She has had experiences working in industry at Agios Pharmaceuticals and Navitor Pharmaceuticals where her focus was bringing therapies to patients with rare disease.

Gianna was inspired to pursue a career in science at an early age being a first hand witness to a family member with a rare disease. She was sparked to lean more about rare disease, which led to her education in biology and later career. She believes in order to be truly successful a person must be well balanced. She does this through her passion for fitness and well being, which include runs along the Charles. In the push to continue her career and be in a position to inspire others, she joins the team as the Event Coordinator in October 2019, hoping to bring the values and insight that she learned along the way to young women. In January 2020, Gianna has stepped up to the President role.

Jonathan Rubins, Volunteer Executive

Jonathan Rubins is currently a Research Associate II at Jnana Therapeutics, working on genetic target validation for IBD. Prior to Jnana, he was an Associate Scientist I at Emulate, Inc., where he helped develop of a novel Liver-on-Chip device for drug toxicity screening. He received his Sc.B. in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University, where he completed his honors thesis in computational profiling of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells.

Jonathan comes to Women Accelerators with a passion for mentorship as well as driving diversity and inclusion initiatives. At Brown, he was an LGBTQ+ Student Mentor with the Queer Alliance, and remains an active member of the alumni-student career mentoring network.

Jonathan has received his 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification, and enjoys spending his free time hiking, skiing, and raising his dog Luke.


Herdeline Ardoña, Events and Programs Chair

Herdeline Ardoña is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Disease Biophysics Group at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University. She is originally from the Philippines, prior to moving to the U.S. for pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University. She is very passionate about participating in outreach activities that focus on science mentoring—especially for promoting science to children and encouraging more women to be a part of the scientific community.

Herdeline started as a volunteer for Women Accelerators in 2018 and is excited to join the team that keeps on inspiring talented women to succeed.

Sandra Mohr, Mentoring Chair

Sandra Mohr

Sandra Mohr is the Dean of Academic Resources and Administration at the New England College of Optometry. She is known for being a change agent in higher education institutions through engaging multiple stakeholders and investing in modern learning environments for the 21st century. She has proven talent for aligning institutional strategy and objectives with established departmental paradigms to achieve maximum faculty and student success. Sandra has earned a doctorate degree in Global Educational Leadership from Lamar University, a master’s degree in Higher Educational Leadership and Administration from West Virginia University, and a master’s degree in Counseling and bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California University of PA.

Sandra comes to Women Accelerators with a passion for mentorship and looks forward to supporting the mentoring program as well as furthering diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Stephanie Puzak, Communications Chair

Stephanie is currently a consultant working on various projects globally. She moved to Boston in 2018 after serving almost a decade in the United States Air Force as a cyber operations officer. Her specialties included test, analysis, and tactical communications.

Stephanie felt the need for strong female mentors, in both a male-dominated industry (cyber) and profession (military). When she separated from the military, Stephanie sought a way to get involved with the network of smart and talented women in Boston. She joined Women Accelerators in 2018 and is excited to be part of a team truly passionate about empowering and helping each other succeed.

Stephanie received her BS from the United States Air Force Academy and holds an MS in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University. On a personal note, Stephanie was on a sky diving team in college and enjoys all forms of adrenaline sports. She also enjoys travel, cooking and almost any outdoor activity with her man and blue heeler pup, Frank.


Ayushi Agrawal, Operations and Business Development Coordinator

Ayushi Agrawal is currently working as an Associate Computational Biologist in the Chemical Biology and Therapeutic Sciences Program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She moved to USA from India in 2016 to pursue her Masters in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. Ayushi is inspired by the impact and power of data in the field of biology. She uses technology to explore new ways to look at data and drive decisions informed by them. Overall she hopes to find novel therapeutics to improve the quality of life for patients.

Ayushi started as a volunteer for Women Accelerators in 2019 and is excited to be a part of a diverse and inspiring team. She is passionate about promoting and supporting the representation of women in the scientific and computational community. In her free time, she likes to travel, read and spend time with friends!

Shauna Corcoran, Events and Programs Coordinator

Shauna Corcoran is currently working at Jnana Therapeutics as a research intern testing therapeutic hypotheses for the of treatment inflammatory diseases. Shauna gained her bachelors in Genetics from University College Cork, Ireland in 2019 and moved to Boston soon after to launch her career in science.

She noted a lack of female mentors throughout her academic career and felt by becoming involved in an organization with a diverse group of inspiring people, she could help to encourage more inclusiveness in the world of business and science.
Shauna has a keen interest in travel and loves experiences and cuisine on her travels. She also had a passion for animals and agriculture stemming from her background in Ireland.

Julianna Joyce

Julianna graduated from Emmanuel College in May of 2019 and is currently working as a content specialist at a marketing agency called SocialMadeSimple in Newton. In this role, she curates and schedules content across a variety of different industries. Julianna also helps with the marketing collateral for SocialMadeSimple itself, such as blog posts and social media content. She is pursuing marketing as a career and is consistently learning new things and growing in her field.

Julianna is now the Communications Chair at Women Accelerators and is excited about this opportunity to share and utilize her expertise for a greater cause. She believes that connection is one of the most valuable assets in life, and Women Accelerators provides just that! She is excited for the opportunity to connect with other like-minded woman and help to provide a platform for women to succeed in their professional life.

Outside of work, Julianna runs a wellness and self-development blog where she provides valuable information to women who are looking to improve their lives. She also loves to read, exercise, and one her favorite things to do is explore Boston!

Satoko Onozawa, Communications Coordinator

Satoko Onozawa is from Tokyo, Japan. She studied Sports Management at Juntendo University in Japan. She moved to New Hampshire in 2017 for her MBA at Southern New Hampshire University. Upon completing her MBA, she moved to Boston in 2019.

She is excited to join the Women Accelerators team for the opportunity to meet wonderful women and to learn from them. She plays tennis and enjoys playing many other sports. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and playing outdoor sports.

Hailea Palmer

Hailea Palmer is a New England native; she is from Southern New Hampshire. She is currently half way through achieving doctorate in Chiropractic in Upstate New York.

Hailea was brought on by Gianna after they connected through social media. Hailea will be writing our blog on a regular basis.

Hailea is passionate about helping other realize their own happiness. She enjoys spending time outside, hiking, reading in her free time and cuddling her black lab.

Annabel Pino

Annabel Pino is currently a student at Emmanuel College majoring in Marketing and minoring in Economics with graduation in May of 2021. She’ll be joining our events and marketing team and is excited to assist in building connections while empowering women through Women Accelerators!

Annabel has a passion for the entertainment industry, specifically in music, and photography. She also enjoys dancing, exploring the city, and cooking! She looks forward to spreading kindness and assisting in confidence building, both professionally and internally, within her role at Women Accelerators.

Madeleine Hoebenstreit-Spitzbart

Madeleine Hoebenstreit-Spitzbart moved to Boston from Austria in January 2020. She holds a master’s in marketing from Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and a certificate in online marketing. Before Madeleine moved to Boston, she has worked in marketing communications in the banking and pharmaceutical industries where she enjoyed communicating directly to the customer.
Madeleine joined Women Accelerators in June 2020 to enable women to broaden their network and use their strengths to accelerate. She supports the team with marketing campaigns and website design and is excited to work in a passionate and driven team.
In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, snowboarding, skiing, yoga, and an inspiring and motivational read.

Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone is a Clinical Medical Writer for MJH Associates. Previously, she served as the Medical Science Liaison for ADM Protexin specializing in probiotics relating to various health conditions. She holds a Bachelors degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Westfield State University, a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from Columbia University, and a Doctorate in Food Science and Microbiology from the University of Reading. Most of her career has been spent spreading proper and factual scientific information to health care and lay communities. Besides her academic training, Sam is also a 200hr registered yoga teacher and a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning® instructor.

Sam was continually supported and driven by strong women throughout her scientific endeavors and hopes to continue to pay this kindness forward. She wishes to inspire and instill confidence in all women to push past and overcome any obstacle by providing a collaborative and encouraging community to engage with.

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