Intro by Leah (former volunteer), resources compiled by Women Accelerators

My education as a working person has unfolded from ideas in self-help and business books and media. Rather than receiving and following a syllabus in a course, I started building (without realizing it) my own curriculum based on challenges I’ve come across in my early career. The resources below are a start of our own free curriculum to guide and support others in their career journeys.

Podcasts/Video Series

The Risk You Must Take – Dr. Kristen Lee studies human resilience—our ability to endure, heal, and grow. In a visceral, relatable talk, she shares deep insights from her teaching and research—ones that helped her redefine authenticity, and encourage us all to do the same.

MarieTV – Self-described “multi-passionate entrepreneur” Marie Forleo (a contemporary of Oprah) answers listener questions and interviews professionals from a variety of fields. Topics include: “Find Clarity, Passion & Purpose”, “Smart Advice for Sticky Situations”, and more.

Call Your Girlfriend – This podcast started casually as a way for two friends to keep in touch and discuss what stood out to them in the news, pop culture, and in their own careers. The show features some guest episodes, featuring their peers and well known women such as Melinda Gates. The podcast frequently discusses the idea of Shine Theory (“If I don’t shine, you don’t shine”) and examples of women supporting other women in their careers.

The Portfolio Life – This podcast covers subject areas about pinpointing life calling, career transitions, and building an audience and portfolio. These are formatted as interviews, and feature mostly writers, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals.

Philosopher’s Notes TV – This series contains video summaries of optimal living/philosophy books – a great way to get familiar with a lot of content in a short period of time! Featured authors include “old school classics” like Marcus Aurelius to contemporary thought leaders like Amy Cuddy.

Learn to Code with Me – This podcast features interviews by professionals who have transformed their careers by learning to code. Each episode features a guest who discusses their former career interests and the steps they took to arrive at their next career. This podcast helpful for those interested in technology careers and entrepreneurship.

Blog Series

Melody Wilding – Melody Wilding is a peak performance coach and licensed social worker. She helps high-achievers master the mental and emotional aspects of striving for a successful career and a balanced life. Her clients are managers and leaders at places like Google, Facebook, HP, and Deloitte. She helps them gain more confidence, assertiveness, and influence. That allows them to reach goals like being promoted twice in one year and doubling their salary. Melody also teaches Human Behavior at Hunter College in NYC.


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