The 2020 mentoring program is currently underway. The 2021 mentoring program applications will start in the fall of 2020.

Women Accelerators’ mentoring program is a great way to cultivate professional relationships and facilitate career growth. Whether you are a mentor or a mentee we all have something to learn from this program; mentoring is a two-way street!

In this program, we will provide resources to both mentors and mentees in cultivating their professional relationship and brining value to their mentoring experience. We have been extremely successful in building relationships between women and allies measured by their ability to take the next step in their career as a direct result from entering this program.

“I had two goals when I joined Women Accelerators mentoring program and I achieved them with Regina. All in all, this program was exactly what I needed at a particular point of my career. I am thankful to Women Accelerators’ volunteers for organizing this amazing program to connect professional women from various industries.” – Jan Heng, Ph.D

Our mentoring program applications start in the fall each year. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet at least once a month starting in January and running through June; although many mentor and mentees continue the relationship long after the program is over!
If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

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