Faye Wong was one of Susu Wong’s aunts and the co-founder of Women Accelerators.  Aunty Faye wasFaye Wong born in Hong Kong and came to Los Angeles in the early ’70s. New to the country,  she worked for an Asian takeout restaurant in LA as a hostess. Several years later, she opened her hair salon in the foothills of Beverly Hills called Hair by Faye where she worked until she retired. 

Aunty Faye had natural leadership skills as she was the oldest of her siblings. In her time, she didn’t have access to women’s professional groups like the Women Accelerators. She would have loved to hone in on her professional leadership skills, explore career paths, or perhaps have a mentor.  Susu has donated $2500 to start the Faye Wong Scholarship Fund in memory of Aunty Faye. The Fund has offered several scholarships and benefited women who want to advance their careers by participating in 2022 Accelerating Women Leadership Program.

The fund will award $250 each to those needing financial assistance to offset the $599 (EarlyBird) or $750 regular tuition for participating in the Leadership Program for 2023.