Q1: May I apply if I participated before?

Yes, however, it is not guaranteed that you will get into the Mentoring Program. The openings for the mentees will be limited this year.  We strongly recommend that you still apply for the Mentoring Program.   

Q2: Can I switch mentors part-way through the program?

We do our best to match mentees and mentors based on the information provided in their applications. Due to the limited number of mentors, we encourage matched mentees and mentors to remain paired. If you have a concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Women Accelerators team at [email protected].

Q3: Under what circumstances can I get a refund? How far into the program is this an option?

No refunds will be issued.

Q4: Will the $65/$35 fee be one-time for the entire 5-month program?


Q5: What if a meeting gets canceled, or I have an unexpected appointment and wish to cancel my meeting with the mentor?

Please give your mentor/mentee as much notice as possible. You and your mentor are responsible for rescheduling any missed meetings.  Please visit our Code of Conduct and Mentoring Prospectus pages for further information.

Q6: What if the mentor/ mentee does not attend a meeting without prior notice?

Please reach out to your mentor/mentee. Both mentees and mentors are responsible for attending meetings and communicating promptly. Contact the Women Accelerators team if you repeatedly have trouble getting in touch with them.

Q7: Can we keep in touch with the mentor even after the program?

It is up to the individual mentors.  We encourage you to ask your mentor directly.

Q8:  I have a question not listed in the FAQ session.  Who should I contact?

Email us at [email protected] if you have further questions about the program. Please visit our Code of Conduct and 2023 Prospectus pages to ensure a successful and rewarding mentoring session.  

For the Mentors

Q1.  How do we schedule the meetings with the mentees?

It is a good idea to schedule the dates for the next five meetings at the first meeting. This way, your team will get a commitment upfront and reserve the meetings on their schedules.

Q2.  What to do with meetings happening during dinner hours?

A lot of the meetings occur at night during dinner hours. Therefore, it may be a good idea if each team member takes turns and volunteers to bring food for the group. The team could split up the costs of the food, or the person who brought the food could pay for the cost for that time.

Q3. Where can the mentoring team meet?

Some previous mentees could schedule the meetings after work at their company’s conference rooms. If this is not an option, we recommend meeting at coffee shops or restaurants.  Another option is to reserve a conference room at a library. It is not mandatory to meet in person. We highly encourage you to schedule an online call using Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts

Q4.  What could we do to prepare for the mentoring meetings?

By setting goals and planning for the agenda.  We suggest asking each of your mentees to prepare her goals and discussion points a few days before the meeting. This will help you to facilitate the discussions and interaction.