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Join us for de la Femme’s kickoff event on September 28. The topic will be on Conflict Communication and Resolution Strategies for successful professional management.

What you say and do matters for the outcome you want in any given situation.  Whether at the workplace or in our personal lives, we have all been through scenarios where communication barriers result in negative and costly outcomes.  There is always a time, when you need to listen and a time to speak up for yourself.  Ever wonder when is the time to speak and when to listen?  Oliver Wendell Homes Sr. once said, “It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.”  Join us with Michele Whitham to learn the insights/skills of successful professional self-management and hone in some practical workplace conflict resolution strategies.


Date/Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at 6 PM.

Location: The Broad Institute, Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA.

Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Registration is required, sign-in upon arrival.

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Read a story about conflict communication by one of our members:


Michele Whitham

Michele Whitham is an established employment and privacy lawyer, community leader and owner of Whitham Law LLC, serving clients in Massachusetts, the United States and worldwide. She is a former Co-Managing Partner of Foley Hoag LLP, where she practiced for twenty-five years, and is a well-known lawyer who has been recognized nationally for her accomplishments.

Her many accolades include recently being listed in The Best Lawyers in America® for Employment Law – Management, co-leading the launch of the inaugural Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts’ Women’s Leadership Initiative, and being named one of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly’s Top Women in the Law. Michele is a 2015-2016 Inductee into the National Association of Professional Women and the Association’s VIP Woman of the Year Circle; a director of the Partnership Inc. (promoting diversity in management ranks).


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Colleen Suchecki’s Five keys to Your Peak Performance Breakthrough event 6.4.13

On June 4, we were lucky to have Colleen Suchecki present her Five keys to Your Peak Performance Breakthrough. Colleen found enormous success building a chiropractic private practice alongside her husband yet the lifestyle she was living was causing her such paralyzing stress and panic that she was unable to work or function in her day-to-day life. Changes needed to be made, but Colleen knew that pharmaceutical drugs were not the correct choice for her. She relied on powerful, natural tools to overhaul her lifestyle and found herself living a stronger and better life. Colleen knew that she was meant to share this experience and these tools with other women so that they could feel unstoppable in both their professional and personal lives, and especially when we are trying to balance both.

Colleen presented to us Five Keys that every woman can use to tap into their inner self to ignite their power. She then illustrated how your power can be utilized to do everything from create positive personal choices to make more money professionally.

The first key is to ALIGN IT. We work, we play, and we have complex characters as women. How do we make sure that each part is in check with the rest of ourselves? Your work should not control your lifestyle, but support it. Colleen gave us a powerful piece of advice when she reminded us that “you are not responsible for how anyone else feels.” We can only control our own emotions. The energy that we waste on trying to control other’s emotional reactions or stressing over how other people react to us would be much better used in growing and expanding ourselves.

The second key is to BELIEVE IT. When you believe something- anything! there is an actual physiological change in your body. Your brain rewires to make it possible. Colleen said that a great tool to help you change beliefs is to find five people who are already doing it. Living by your “shoulds” kills passion.

The third key is FEEL IT. We must get out of the fear. Our gut feeling, or our intuition, always knows the next best thing for you- even if you don’t trust or believe it. Tapping into your intuition is a skill that you acquire with practice.

The fourth key is MASTER IT. When you master your emotions, you master your mindset. We actually create our emotions. They are not innate. Colleen then introduced our Power Statements and motions to us. This is a move that you can do before a meeting, during a stressful time, or any other time you need a little “oomph”. You stand in a power position (legs shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, chin up) and say your power statement. Colleen’s is: I AM UNSTOPPABLE! You can make up your own power statement or affirmation as well. Then you move in a powerful way. A high punch to the sky, a fierce clap, or even a ninja kick could all work. This body positioning combined with powerful affirmative statement actually infuses you with strength and empower you to tackle whatever task is at hand. We also did an interactive role play where we compared messages through body language with posture. Would you rather interview, work with, or promote someone who is hunched over or someone who is standing tall? Our minds associate certain characteristics with body language, especially posture. Your levels of interest, engagement and type of personality are all inferred through your presence.

The fifth key is CREATE IT. The law of polarity states that everything in our universe is created as a whole. You cannot have a problem without the solution existing at the same time. Likewise, you can’t have a desire without the opportunity for that specific desire to become a reality right in that moment.

In conclusion, it is not easy to change your beliefs about what you are capable of doing, being and becoming. It takes intense personal focus and a real dedication to looking introspectively, but tapping into your being and beliefs while tapping into Colleen’s tools will reveal to you that you can accomplish remarkable things in all aspects of your life.

Thank you to Colleen for sharing these tools with us and helping us all to ignite our power.

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