Popular science blogger is female!!

No matter what, at the end of the day I love science (which is great so that I can justify that PhD!).  Combine that with my desire to troll the internet for any variety of information and you would not be surprised that I found the facebook page I fucking love science.” (Please excuse the strong use of language, but it is the title of the blog.)

To be honest though, I am no sleuth or early adopter of this page — in fact, the page has 4,257,078 likes.  (I just checked it.)  Being a woman myself, it never even occurred to me that the sex of the individual who created the site was either female or male.  This is probably because it doesn’t matter to me AND it is no surprise to me that women like science.  I mean, I do and I am a lady.   Some of the best scientists I know first hand are also ladies, so why wouldn’t a woman write a science blog?  There are many women that write a variety of blogs including on science.  Check out the blog of my awesome friend here which is based on understanding the links between medicine and evolution.

Well, it seems that some portion of the male population was VERY surprised by this fact.  So much so, that there is now an article posted on it.  It is unfortunate that so many (men and women) still have a negative perception of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics).  We have an uphill battle, but I would like to commend all of the women that walk the walk every day and a special thanks to Elise Andrew for creating a fantastic blog that has brought me so many interesting facts that I have thoroughly enjoyed.