How do you deal with a difficult boss?

Since moving, I have learned several things that I miss about Boston that haven’t really caught on here in Brisbane, Australia.  Women here are still fighting the fight that women in Boston/US fought nearly a decade ago.  Gender roles are still maintained at a much higher level, despite the fact that the Prime Minister is a female (Julia Gillard).

More pertinent to my life directly, I have been fortunate enough to get some temporary work.  I have been grateful for the opportunity, however, I have noticed some issues with my male boss lately that I am not quite accustomed.  This prompted me to understand the male ego a bit more intimately in order to better understand how I can “manage up” the issues that I have been encountering.  So, I looked to a male oriented website on bosses/careers, and I wanted to post it.  It is a great article and may help other women understand their male bosses/colleagues better in order to communicate more effectively in the work place.

Just remember – the boss is only human.  Every person will always face potentially difficult paths with current and future bosses.  If you feel that you have or currently are experiencing sexual harassment or gender discrimination be sure to contact your HR department.