Improving Your Management Skills 

Do you feel frustrated that even though you’re working harder and longer, you feel overwhelmed?

Have you recently been promoted to a managerial role and don’t know where to begin? Or, have you been managing a team for some time, and see a decrease in engagement—both yours and your team’s?

In this online workshop, we will take a look at some of these challenges and discuss ways to bolster your existing skills to help you become more engaged, effective, and happier in your job. You will be able to step into your power and increase your influence with your peers, your boss, and direct reports.

Here are some of the topics we’ll examine and discuss in this interactive workshop:

      • You will learn how to delegate effectively and how to empower your team.
      • We will look at more effective ways of resolving a conflict. Focus on what you do have control over.
      • We will demonstrate how to broaden your perspective and find solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
      • We will look at how to quiet your inner critic. We will offer some tips on how to boost your resilience.
      • We will consider ways to embrace ambiguity rather than fighting it.
      • You will learn to see your “mistakes” and missteps as lessons learned rather than defeats.
      • We will help you to define your own leadership model.


  • Etta Jacobs coaches her clients through career transitions, building their confidence, poise, and capacity to lead. She helps her clients cope with the anger, anxiety, and uncertainty that come with sudden job loss by channeling their energy into fruitful self-exploration. Etta gained her corporate expertise as an executive at two Fortune 500 companies, where she directed teams of creative professionals working on innovative, multi-million dollar projects.

    Etta holds a Master of Organizational Psychology and is a Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Etta earned her MA and her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from William James College. She has a BFA from Syracuse University.


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