In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to approach the topic of money, create and establish financial goals and stick to a budget!

About this Event

Do you cringe every time you need to check your bank account? Do the terms financial wealth or portfolio management sound like a foreign language? If so, you are not alone!

Future planning, budgeting, and managing one’s personal finances are complex topics that somehow do not make it into mainstream educational curriculum.

However, budgeting and financial planning are crucial for understanding and managing your money. Creating a budget can help you to assess your spending, save money and even plan for your future!

Money conversations can be uncomfortable. We know that many people tend to avoid dealing with or talking about money, can feel intimidated by wealth, worry about “selling,” etc.

When people understand more about how and where their own “money stuff” gets in the way, they can interact more comfortably, can help more people become patients and customers, and find even better solutions for clients and their families.


Want to get comfortable talking about money?

Join Anne Rhoads and Szifra Birke to learn how you can approach money conversations, make your finances and your financial goals work in your best interest!

Anne will talk about behavioral economics how they can be used to increase personal and national savings rates. This part of the webinar will focus on sharing tips on how to set goals and stick to a budget.

Szifra (Shifra) will talk about why we tend to avoid sticky conversations that involve money. She’ll share strategies that can make it easier to ask for a raise, set fees, and talk with your family or your business partner about money matters.


Please consider the following questions prior to joining this webinar:

1. Have you established financial goals for yourself? YES NO

2. Have you created a personal budget? YES NO

3. If yes, is the budget helping you to achieve your goals? YES NO


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Date/Time: Thursday, February 18, 2021, 12-1 PM

Link to the webinar will be provided a day before the webinar.


Anne RhoadsAnne Rhoads is a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Economics at University of Massachusetts Lowell and a volunteer with Budget Buddies.




Szifra BirkeSzifra Birke is an Executive Leadership Coach and Financial Behavior Specialist. She has been featured for work with money psychology in Business Week, Investment News, Dow Jones Newswire, The Christian Science Monitor and The Boston Globe.




This event is generously sponsored by the Salem Five Bank.

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