Do you have to wear suits, watch sports and drink beer to get ahead?

I just read the Globe Magazine on Women and Power, which listed the top 100 women-led businesses in Massachusetts.   Here are some of the comments from the interviewees on why women still face the glass ceiling.

WILLIAMS:  “I see men in the workforce bonding better than women. Men will reach back, they’ll go out together, they’ll do things together. Women, for a variety of reasons, either have to go home to our families, or this, that, and the other.”

GERTNER: “The workplace is not family-friendly. We see this as an individual woman’s choice, how to combine work and family, rather than a societal choice.”

ZECHER: “Women don’t promote themselves enough. We tend not to network as much as men do. We tend not to leverage our networks.”

Here are some of the suggestions from the women executives:

1) Get more women participate on company boards

2) Make the workplace a family-friendly environment by offering flextimes and opportunities to come back from family leave

3) Make networking an essential part of your career growth

4) Reaching back and helping to pull women up the ladder