A Cinderella story?

Well, today is Friday — and a short Friday nonetheless.  No career post today, but rather a post about women’s roles in society and how media and fairy tales play a role.

I mean, seriously, what lady doesn’t want her prince charming (tall, dark, and handsome) to show up just when she needs him and whisk her away from her real life and take her to land where everything is magical and perfect all. the. time. ??  I certainly do.  Well, at least some of the time.

What I really mean to say is – we have all seen this happen in the movies over and over and over again.  Boy meets Girl — they fall in love — Girl gets into trouble — Boy rescues Girl from said trouble — and then they ride off happily ever after into the sunset.  But why?  Why this cultural myth that women “need” to be saved?  Where did it come from?  Why does it even exist? If women are to be truly equal in society and careers, we must first understand how we got to be in that “second” positionfirst.  There are many different books or articles that touch on that including the book that I am currently reading called Sex at Dawn.

Maybe we cannot be truly equal in the workplace until we are just simply equal.  How do we get there?  Should we try to get there?  Can we even get there?  These are questions that have no answers, but I think by showing our daughters that women don’t need to be rescued, and to give them the skills that they need to support themselves — they will begin to reshape the societal bounds in which we currently exist.