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2016 Mentoring Program

Mentors are important sources of information and guidance for your career advancement.  We have gathered an outstanding group of seasoned mentors who are excited to help you.

If you want to participate in the 2016 Mentoring Program, please register for the program here and then fill out an online application at

We will match you to a mentor based on your application, and the first kickoff meeting will be held on January 27, 2016 where you will meet with your mentor.

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Laura Appleton is a senior consultant at IPR.  Her expertise includes primary/secondary market research and quantitative analysis.  She has held senior marketing and research positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Data General, SUN Microsystems and Qwest Communications. In the area of storage and software, she is an alumna of Storage Technologies and McDATA.  Laura was also a research director for Centennial Ventures – focused on telecommunications.  Prior to work at IPR she consulted for the technology research firm IDC.

Laura graduated from Boston College with a BA in Economics, Boston University with an MBA and the University of Denver with a master’s in Telecommunications. She also completed biology/chemistry coursework in preparation for her PharmD program at the University Colorado Health Sciences Center. Her outside interests include on-going animal rescue efforts, downhill skiing/racing and learning Italian.

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Pradeep Aradhya is founder and CEO of NLMobile. He brings a unique perspective on the use of cutting edge technologies in marketing – particularly with mobile. Previously, as Vice President of Technology at Digitas LLC he successfully led multi million dollar initiatives at Fortune 500 companies to create technology platforms for marketing. His role was to advocate the best and newest developments on various technology areas to provide brands with competitive advantages in establishing lasting relationships with customers.

Pradeep advises multiple start-ups in technology and other spaces on build/buy/partner strategies both in Boston and at the Merrimack Valley Sandbox (now Entreprenuers for All). Pradeep also sits on the board at the Science Club For Girls which provide free STEM education to underserved girls in the Boston area.

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Nathalie Goletiani is a physician scientist currently serving as a clinical neuroscientist at McLean Hospital and a faculty at Harvard Medical School. Nathalie’s interests are related to brain and brain-related disorders, i.e. in Neurology and Psychiatry. In this regard, she completed basic and clinical fellowships at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School. She is an author of peer-reviewed publications and a recipient of numerous national and international awards.

In her last fellowship, Nathalie was charged with rebuilding and running the Clinical Research Program at McLean Hospital, which taught her all aspects of management related to simultaneous running of multiple clinical trials. This experience in addition to her training culminated in generation of her own concepts and mechanisms related to womens’ disorders, a severely understudied area. She was awarded the Zinberg Fellowship and Livingston Award to specifically address womens’ issues and the complex underlying mechanisms in neurobiology of women.

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Robin Hamilton is Founder and Principal Consultant at Boston Business Operations, With over 15 years of experience and a Master’s degree in Project Management, she brings her expertise in strategy planning, preparation and execution to clients. She works with entrepreneurs and business owners  to develop scalable business operations which support the maintenance and growth of their businesses while preserving capital investment.

Robin Hamilton earned her Master of Science in Project Management and a Bachelor of Science in Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

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Melissa Hunter-Ensor is a partner in the Life Sciences Practice of  Saul Ewing, LLP, Boston.  Drawing on a strong scientific background that includes a post-doctoral fellowship with a Nobel laureate, Melissa is a patent attorney who designs and manages IP portfolios to complement the business objectives of her clients.

Melissa’s education includes a B.A. in chemistry at Smith College, as well as a Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.  During her post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology laboratory of Nobel laureate H. Robert Horvitz, she was awarded a Jane Coffin Child fellowship.

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David Proia is the Director of Cancer Biology and In Vivo Pharmacology at Synta Pharmaceuticals.  In this role, he leads preclinical biological and pharmacological research for several small molecule anticancer agents.  Prior to Synta, he was a Scientist at BostonBiochem and then AstraZeneca after a postdoc at Tufts where David worked on humanized tumor models.

David has a PhD in cell biology from Baylor College of Medicine and a B.S. in Biochemistry from WPI.  He is married (to a scientist!) and they have 2 young daughters.  David can provide advice on finding opportunities, right people to connect with to ensure you have the right package to get yourself into an interview, and what to do when you get into industry – what to expect, how to excel, and what a manager might want to see out of an employee.

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The Mentor Program will run from January to June of 2016.  The kickoff and wrap-up meetings with be held with the entire group, but meetings and/or correspondence in-between will be determined by yourself and your mentor.

Kickoff Meeting Date/Time:   Wednesday, January 27, 2015 at 6 PM.

Wrap-up Meeting Date/Time:  To be determined.

Location:  The Broad Institute (Olympus Room), Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA.

Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Registration is required, sign-in upon arrival.