Register for the “Lean In” Circle Discussion Event

de la Femme is hosting a lively “Lean In” Circle Discussion, where we will share our stories and the challenges we face as women, and offer advice to each other.

We will also discuss the book “Lean In” written by Sheryl Sandberg.  This is a quick read and is a good opportunity to read it if you haven’t already.  However, don’t worry if you haven’t read it, as it is not necessary in order to participate.

Please join de la Femme for an evening of enlightening discussion over dinner, as well as the opportunity to network with some amazing women.  The first few registrants will receive a FREE gift.

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Date:   Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 6 PM

Location: The Broad Institute (Board Room), Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA

Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Registration is required, check-in at front desk.

Register at: