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Peak Performance for Profits: 3 Steps to go from an Underdog to Unstoppable – Remove the Inner B.S. & Boost Your Bottom Line!


Dr. Colleen Suchecki

Are you not getting the results you know you are capable of?

Are you playing too small and it’s time to step up and STAND OUT?


~Being able to take a quantum leap forward in your career or business!

~Having so much confidence in yourself that you felt UNSTOPPABLE!

~Adding $1,000s to your monthly income!


In this powerful interactive presentation you will learn:

~ How you are sabotaging your results and how to stop them!

~ Your secret weapon that is the short cut to big profits!

~ One powerful way to instantly break free from fear that is holding you back!

Dr. Colleen Suchecki is a former chiropractor and now a Peak Performance Coach.  After working for nearly 10 years as a chiropractor, Colleen co-created a multiple 6 figure private practice in under 2 years from scratch.  On one hand, it was wildly successful, and on the other hand, how she was living her life and running her business was killing her.  After the birth of her second child 3 years ago, she started getting severe stress and panic attacks that were paralyzing and left her out of work for over 4 months.  Refusing medication, she found natural, powerful, effective ways to instantly break out of the stress, anxiety, and panic.

Once she was able to return to work she realized that she had to share her experiences with women and teach these tools.  Her transformation was so amazing that she has now dedicated her work as a Speaker & Peak Performance Coach that helps women feel UNSTOPPABLE by removing inner barriers, igniting their power, and helping them instantly access their peak state so they can make more money and a bigger difference in the world.  These tools have helped Colleen quadruple her coaching business in the past year and have helped many others double or triple their income in short periods of time.

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Date:   Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 6 PM

Location: The Broad Institute (Board Room), Kendall Sq, Cambridge, MA

Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Registration is required, check-in at front desk.