In the digital age, LinkedIn serves as more than just a resume; it’s your personal brand on display for recruiters and peers alike. This 60-minute training will teach you how to leverage the capabilities of AI to elevate your LinkedIn game.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to generate compelling content that captures attention and rises above the noise.
  • The art of AI-crafted messaging for personalized and impactful networking.
  • The ethics and best practices of using AI tools in a professional setting.

By the end of this training, you’ll have a toolkit of AI-powered strategies to make your LinkedIn profile a recruiter magnet and network like a pro. Don’t miss this opportunity to align technology with your career goals and set yourself on a path to success.

About the speaker:

Arturo Natella’s career in talent management began at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, building foundationalSpaker: Arturo Natella knowledge in workforce development. This proved invaluable during his time with the Martha Coakley for Governor Campaign, where Arturo was instrumental in DEI outreach to immigrant and BIPOC communities. After the campaign’s loss, Arturo sought guidance on his next steps but found existing support systems lacking, especially for people of color.

This inspired Arturo to start Amaru, a curated job list to provide beneficial career guidance. Concurrently, Arturo worked in workforce development policy in the Massachusetts State Legislature. At Diversity at Workplace, Arturo shined as a DEI recruitment consultant. He provided training, assessments, and consultation to organizations on talent acquisition, retention, and inclusive work cultures for domestic and global institutions.

Amaru matured into a robust recruitment and advancement platform for equity and inclusion. Under Arturo’s leadership, Amaru has ensured over half a million dollars remain with diverse job seekers. Arturo also spearheaded a statewide initiative to source Latino talent for the Governor Healey administration.

With accolades, including the 2019 Latinx Amplifier, 2023 ALX100, and COLOR Magazine’s 2023 40 Under 40 POWERLIST awards, Arturo champions equitable job markets and upward mobility through Amaru.