Strategies to map out a successful career journey

About this event

Changing jobs can be stressful, especially when you are trying to make a big change. Be it moving across the country to take a new leadership position in a different industry, or you are making a lateral move within your own organization with new roles and responsibilities; it is never easy. In this session we will be discussing ways to map out your career journey to help you self-reflect on past decisions as well as talk about ways to better prepare yourself for your next move. During the event, Laura will be sharing her journey and leading us through the four main topics listed below. We want to make this an interactive session so please come prepared to be engaged as we look to learning more about your experiences, both good and bad, with career transitions as well.


Topics for Session-

• Mapping your career journey.

• Is there a wrong time to make a career transition?

• Different ways to make a transition.

• Using and building your network to help you make a move.


Laura Duffy is an accomplished healthcare business leader and strategic thinker who has been in the biotech/pharma industry for almost nine years and has experienced many different career transitions during this time. She is currently working at Takeda Pharmaceuticals as Innovation Lead within the External Supply and Plasma Innovation team under Global Manufacturing Sciences. In her role, Laura is responsible for relationship management with high-level stakeholders, driving digital innovation throughout Takeda’s manufacturing operations, and advising on best practices and synergy opportunities between different parts of the organization. Prior to this role, Laura was Technical Engineering Lead for a program working on a drug delivery system used to deliver gene therapy to the brain. She also led several programs that focused on evaluating new technology in spaces such as neonatal development and dry eye syndrome. Before joining Takeda, Laura started her career in the medical device space leading technical teams designing and developing electrical mechanical surgical tools within the GYN women’s healthcare space at Hologic and also helped design a lung biopsy needle at Boston Scientific.


In addition to her daily role, Laura also currently holds multiple leadership positions within different women’s networks at Takeda. She is both the finance lead for Takeda’s Global Gender Parity Network as well as a co-lead for the MA Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Ambassador program. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University as well as her MBA from Boston University where she focused her studies on the Health Sector, Strategy, and Innovation. Outside of work, Laura is passionate about mentoring young women and sits on the Development Committee for the non-profit organization Science Club for Girls. In her spare time you can often find Laura exercising in some capacity (cycling, xc skiing, and more), baking, and traveling.



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