Designing Strategies to Achieve Your Own Dreams

Based on the work of Napoleon Hill, we all possess faculties that the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs throughout history have used to create their results. When you learn this in order to define a powerful vision and apply them to your life, you will find new solutions to overcoming old problems, your challenges become smaller, you will have more drive and energy to achieve your goals and greater impact. In this interactive and fun workshop with Ngan Nguyen, you will have an opportunity to define, design, and experience the results you would love to create – and learn proven tools & strategies that will enable to achieve your goals with greater ease.


  • Ngan Nguyen is the CEO and Founder of Cintamani Group, a consulting and training company based out of Boston. Her company was built on the belief that there is a path of well-being and authentic success for each one of us. When we move into that flow, there is much greater joy and our world moves forward in a positive direction. Drawing on her background is as a Strategy Advisor in Fortune 100 companies and at McKinsey & Company, Ngan now serves as an executive coach and speaker, helping professionals and entrepreneurs achieve greater results and live into their full potential.
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