This workshop led by Isabel Stafford aims to get you comfortable and informed about salary talks!

About this event

The hiring process is something that many find to be exciting, possibly nerve raking, and most importantly an opportunity to explore a company and role fully. Generally, we want to put our best foot forward, having said this, there is one area of discussion which many struggle with, the big question is, ‘what are your salary expectations?’. This is an essential question, but one many feel uncomfortable discussing. But this should not be the case, and your recruiter should work with you to help you feel at ease and comfortable discussing this fully, and work with you through any negotiations that may happen at the point of an offer being extended.

Within this workshop we will explore some key topics, including but not limited to:

  • Employment / salary law’s do’s and don’t’s
  • Understanding the full compensation package
  • How to respond to an offer
  • Negotiating on an offer
  • Q&A

Isabel Stafford

Speaker: Isabel Stafford, Senior Recruiter at Tripadvisor