The pandemic has caused unprecedented stress and disruption in our daily lives, affecting us personally and professionally.

The Delta variant has increased and heightened our stress to a new level. We need to stay resilient and focused during these challenging times.

Come and learn techniques from Elizabeth Delgado, a wellness expert on how to manage stress in our everyday lives. Along with how to embody resilience by those who inspire us, and leave with hands-on accessible practices. 

About Elizabeth

Headshot Elizabeth Delgado“Hello, I’m Elizabeth – My life purpose is creating wellness spaces and teaching effective healing and resilience practices for the empowerment of those experiencing stress and systemic oppression. Whether in the workplace, community, or individual setting. 

I facilitate programs and practices to reduce your stress, so you are at your best!”

With 20 years of experience in holistic healing & Reiki. Elizabeth has worked with many clients, friends, family, and community members on their path towards healing & transformation. Combined with 10+ years of Human Resources, Employee Wellness Management, Community Organizing, and Activism.  

Elizabeth brings a professional, personable, humorous, and positive approach to her work.   Working in various fields such as healthcare, government, non-profit, and education. Elizabeth has a vast knowledge of these workforce cultures and their employee wellness needs. 

Blending her unique knowledge and skills in HR management and the healing arts, she birthed Colectiva Wellness & Healing. Elizabeth is committed to sharing her knowledge, resources, and gifts with the world through the lens of social justice, decolonization, and collective healing. 

This event is sponsored by:

UMass Lowell Innovation HubWomen Accelerators and Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union

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 Remembering Our Resilience image

 Remembering Our Resilience image