A conversation with Executive Leadership Coach Szifra (Shifra) Birke

About this event

Szifra (Shifra) Birke, who for many years has coached people diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, will explain the range of traits, strengths and weaknesses, and practical ways to help manage yourself and others who struggle with procrastination, impulsivity, poor follow through, distractedness, and more. Understanding what it is, how it manifests, etc. is step one. Having tools and techniques to better manage your own and others’ attention and self-management is the important step two.

Though ADHD often creates significant impairments in functioning, it is a brain difference that can offer spectacular gifts in creativity, energy, ingenuity, interpersonal empathy, and surprisingly ability to super focus.

You, colleagues, or family members may have challenges

  • wrapping up the final details of a project
  • remembering appointments or obligations
  • concentrating on what people say to you, even when they are speaking to you directly or too frequently
  • make careless mistakes when having to work on a boring or difficult project
  • misplace or have difficulty finding things at home or at work

Being more skilled and less judgmental while interacting with others with differing attention spans and abilities to follow through can make your work and home life more productive and relaxed.