The Code of Conduct lays out the expectations and guiding principles for the Women Accelerators Mentoring Program. The goal of the Code of Conduct is to establish a supportive, positive and safe environment for both the Mentees and Mentors during the duration of the program.

Mentor-Mentee teams will meet or do an online call at least once a month for five months.

The mentors are volunteering their valuable time to help the mentees and the Women Accelerators. To respect their time, the mentees will take turns in scheduling the meeting in advance, pre-plan the agenda, and email the topics of discussions and their goals to the mentors a week before the scheduled meeting.

All participants are expected to attend the meetings or calls on time. To respect everyone’s time, the mentees must notify the mentor and the rest of the group about any absences or hardship in attending the meeting at least 48 hours before the meeting.

The Women Accelerators Team has put in a lot of efforts in planning and coordinating this program for you to learn and grow in your career through your mentor. Our team believes strong women seek out such opportunities and strive toward their goals. Your sincere effort will certainly take you a step forward. We wish you the best of luck on your journey!


If the Mentor will be temporarily unavailable for a short period (for example, the Mentor leaves on a week-long business trip), the Mentor should inform the Mentee in advance. In specific instances, the Mentee may require substantially more time from the Mentor. If the Mentor cannot commit sufficient time to fulfill the Mentee’s needs, the Mentor should notify Women Accelerators to resolve the issue.

This Is A Safe Space. The participants may discuss sensitive and difficult topics. Due to the sensitive nature of many of these discussions, please keep what is said in these spaces — whether online or in person — confidential unless you receive permission otherwise.

Make Space, Take Space. Speak up and have your voice heard, but also be cognizant of how much space you’re occupying and take a step back when needed. Give the other mentees a chance to speak up.

Each mentee of the group plays an important role in establishing a positive, inclusive and supportive environment. The Mentor and the Mentee should agree on the topics that they are comfortable discussing and on the degree of personal details that they are comfortable sharing. We have zero tolerance to comments and actions of any kind that are sexual in nature, directed to hate, racism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, etc.


Medical, mental health, or legal advice should be provided by a qualified professional. Even if the Mentor is coincidentally a qualified professional (for example, if the Mentor is a physician, psychologist, or attorney), the Mentor shall not provide medical, mental health, or legal advice to the Mentee: Within the Women Accelerators Program, the Mentor provides guidance for the career guidance of the Mentee. The Mentor should advise the Mentee to seek the assistance of another qualified professional.

Mentees seeking employment may request help writing and reviewing resumes or ask their Mentor for advice on interviews and job-search strategies. It is not appropriate, however, for the Mentee to expect the Mentor to act as a job placement service and circulate their resume. Under specific circumstances, the Mentor may share their Mentee’s resume among their colleagues and inquire about relevant job openings; however, such assistance is strictly at the discretion of the Mentor, and the Mentee shall not expect, or demand, that the Mentor provide this type of support.