Mentor+Mentee=Building Your Futures by Learning Together

The Women Accelerators Mentoring Program has been running for four years, with growing numbers of attendance each year. Our 2017 Mentoring Program session consists of 9 mentors and 37 mentees.

The program runs in 3 phases:

  1. “Speed Networking”: Interested mentees have a chance to meet our mentors for five minute discussions.
  2. Matching: Matches are made based on mentee/mentor interests and personal preferences. 3-6 mentees are assigned to each mentor.
  3. Mentoring Team Meetings: Groups meet, preferably once a month (in-person and/or remote), for six months. Our team checks in with mentees and mentors throughout the course of the program.

Our hope is that mentorship can fill the gaps where support is missing in the workplace. There are a wide range of areas where mentors can help!

  • Navigating a workplace conflict/politics
  • Issues specific to women, for example: How can women get recognized for their strengths when they are less likely to speak up?
  • Providing personal stories about how they overcame challenges
  • Giving advice about how to buy a suit
  • Learning how to feel more confident
  • Escaping a toxic work environment

Read stories and advice learned from our 2017 program on our Mentor Journal blog.

Check back in late 2017 for information about our 2018 Mentoring Program session.

2017 Mentors

  • Laura Appleton
  • Regina Au
  • Diana C. Española
  • Nathalie Goletiani
  • Robin Hamilton
  • Miriam Margala
  • Jessica Sullivan
  • Michele Whitham
  • Susu Wong